Glenn Pope Woodworking: A Family Run Business

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been building cabinets for over forty years, here in the Napa Valley. Glenn Pope Woodworking started as a one man show back in 1975 when Glenn and his wife Cathy moved to Calistoga from Oakland with the promise of space for a shop. Unfortunately that promised location fell through, however, being resourceful he quickly found another spot: the lumberyard office in downtown Calistoga (currently the Calistoga police station). It wasn’t long before Glenn needed to expand to a larger space: the hangar at the old Calistoga airport- which was still functioning at that time. Glenn recalls that at the start he shared an air compressor with the airport business and was responsible for paying for the electricity. When asked why he chose cabinetry as his line of work, Glenn replies “I guess I was tired of taking English classes.” He took a cabinetry course at his local JC and never looked back.

While he may be a man of few words and humble to boot, his work speaks for itself in quality. His work has been varied and unique: From home cabinetry to winery tasting rooms, gears for the historic Grist Mill to tiny cabinets for RVs, from large commercial jobs to fixing the legs on an old chair, Glenn and his small team of dedicated workers do it all, with care and pride.

A third location, our current one at 504 Washington Street in Calistoga, came along swiftly as the business expanded. We’ve been there now for 27 years. He and his current neighbor and fellow carpenter, Wes Thollander, and another local Steve Hawks built the shop. The lease agreement was written and signed, Glenn says, on one piece of legal paper.

In 2013 Glenn’s son, Nathanael, joined the family business full time. Like Glenn, he loves to work with his hands and enjoys seeing a project come to fruition. It is his intent to continue in his dad’s footsteps, learning the ropes, honing his craftsman skills and helping to carry Glenn Pope Woodworking forward into the future.

Thank you for putting your trust in our work and supporting a truly local business.